The Ultimate Pre Kick Off Football Trading Pack

Learn to trade pre kick off football markets on betting exchanges!

Trading football markets before the first whistle is blown can be seen as a low risk investment since there is no opportunity for the market to be suspended because of a goal, sending off or the match coverage lost by Betfair. It also means that the odds won’t change as drastically as when the market goes in-play. This provides us with an opportunity to predict odds movements and secure profits a month, week, day or hour before a match starts. Sometimes it can be done so easily, that you could compare it with collecting coins from a floor.
There aren’t a lot of products on the market that focus only on pre kick off trading! People don’t talk about this kind of trading very openly and that’s maybe one of the reasons why you are on this page.

This pack is a result of over 5 years of experience and observations of football markets on Betfair betting exchange. It contains everything you need to know to help you to become a successful trader. It will expose to you the biggest dangers of this kind of trading and mistakes to avoid, which I experienced myself during my long trading journey.
In the guide you will learn about:

Factors affecting odds movements
Self-discipline and decision making
Effective money management techniques
Different styles of trading
Best time for your trading sessions
Analysing a football match for trading
Where to find everything you need for trading
Many useful valuable tips and knowledge
Trading software's "must use" tools

But that’s only the 56 page guide...

The main part of this pack is a 92 page guide with 23 different pre kick off football trading strategies!
Each of the strategies is explained in terms of reasoning, potential dangers, profit targets and trading time zone. Every strategy has also been rated by myself in a scale of 5 stars taking into consideration the risk, profit potential, difficulty and required time.

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